Professional enterprise, high-quality auto lights: Einstein is where you can find automotive lights matching with cars of different popular models.

Professional Automotive Light Manufacturer

Automotive lights are necessary to the safety of drivers, passengers and other vehicles on the road, especially at night or in low visibility conditions. LED daytime running lights are becoming increasingly popular in place of traditional halogen lamps, and here at Einstein, we provide LED daytime running lights as our primary automotive lighting product. We have manufactured them in more than 200 different varieties, making them suitable for a number of internationally known car manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and others. With an excellent and bright appearance, as well as a long service life, these DRLs have become popular among car dealerships, car owners, car manufacturers, and auto part suppliers. We also supply HID lights and car lighting accessories to improve driver's visibility on the road, keeping them and everyone else safe.

  • Clean Production
  • From the beginning, we have focused on the production of automotive lighting products, and prided ourselves on our professional services, as well as exploring how to make our existing car lights better. By starting at the beginning, and improving efficiency of the daytime running lights, our efforts go above and beyond industrial mainstream efforts.

    1. Audi LED Daytime Running Light

      We provide professional LED daytime running lights for Audi’s A series and Q series, including the early A4L (200502006) and the latest A6L (2013-2015).

    1. Volkswagen LED Daytime Running Light

      From our foundation, we have manufactured more than 30 varieties of VW daytime running lamps, including the universal 8 LED series and high power series

    1. Ford LED Daytime Running Light

      Ford LED daytime running lights are available in over 10 different types for models including the Maverick, Mondeo, Ecosport, Focus, Edge and others.

    1. Chevrolet LED Daytime Running Light

      Chevrolet's vehicles are incredibly diverse, and come in different styles, including coupes, sedans, vans, pickups, SUVs and roadsters.

    1. Cadillac LED Daytime Running Light

      They are designed to aesthetically meet the Cadillac style and highlight the charm and quality of the Cadillac brand.

    1. Hyundai LED Daytime Running Lamp

      We have also worked to provide Hyundai with LED daytime running lamps. We specifically provided them for the Sonata, Avante, Verna, Elantra ...